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The Eucharist is the center of the Catholic Church and the basis for most other liturgical celebrations. It is public, because it is a sign of our faith to the local community. It is communal, whihch means it isn't a prayer that you do alone. It is official, meaning it is governed by the Church, for she is the depository of the Holy Spirit. This is why it is important for all to participate in song, action, and prayer -- for it is keeping the Spirit alive in worship.

Queen of the Apostles Parish -- Mission Statement

The parish family of Queen of the Apostles, Tomah-Warrens, Wisconsin, is a vibrant, faith-filled Roman Catholic community.

As disciples of Christ, we accept our mission to:

Deepen our personal friendship with Jesus by learning and knowing our faith;
Be enriched by participating in the sacraments;
Seek and assist those in need;
Teach the faith to others and lead by personal example; and
Invite and warmly welcome all to the family of God.

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