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Carrie Dutscheck
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5 Year Old Kindergarten
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I was asked “What does it means to teach at, or be associated with, a Catholic School?" This question prompted hours of thought and reflection and helped me realize just how blessed my family and I have been.

childhood, I have had exposure to the dark side of society and experienced the turmoil individuals suffer when our Lord is not part of their life. I have also been able to experience pure joy and peacefulness as I live through life's challenges with a relationship with God and the Catholic faith. I now realize just how precious a gift we have in our faith and it requires a concentrated effort to give this gift in a manner in which it will be positively received.

father, husband, and sons have all had or have careers in law enforcement serving in the correctional system, our two daughters and myself work with young children. family has devoted their efforts towards the youth. Through teaching, catechism classes, foster care and numerous youth programs we have tried to set a positive example of love and charity spreading our Lords gospel. The Queen of the Apostles School allows us to openly teach our youth the Catholic faith without fear of reprisal or reprimand or being criticized for teaching the truth.

Teaching at our school means being able to talk about God in all aspects of education not just in Religion class. Our Catholic faith must come first which is a hard message to teach in a world which bombards our youth with self-indulgences and materialism.

wonderful people working in our Catholic School are people who care very much about our parish and our community. I am amazed daily of the self-sacrifices made by the parishioners and the willingness to support our educational efforts in the day to day operation of the school. More importantly, I appreciate the enthusiasm and devotion expressed by dedicated people who have made the Catholic education of their children a priority. ir goal is for our children not only to learn our faith but live as well.

In my 33 years of teaching, my most sincere feelings of accomplishment have been the visits from former students who are happily living the Catholic faith and stories of their families and accomplishments. They all have a deep appreciation of their Catholic education and commonly make unselfish sacrifices to send their children to a Catholic school.

I started teaching I realized quickly the value in teaching a student whose knowledge will remain with them for the rest of their lives no matter what they encounter. Teaching them the Catholic faith will have an impact on them for all eternity. I pray that someday someone will make it to heaven because of what I taught them. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the teaching community of Queen of the Apostles School and I thank our Lord daily for our school and the people who support it.