Ruth Ann Schober
Ruth Ann Schober

Adv. Math
Phone: 608-372-6765


     Teaching in a Catholic school permits me to care about my students both academically and emotionally. I know/learn things that my students are dealing with in their lives, like daily hockey practice and therefore I can understand why students do some of the things they do. Knowing this allows me to help them grow. I’ve developed relationships over the years with my students and hear about how something I did influenced them. This makes me feel good deep down inside.

     In a Catholic school I can speak about God and my faith any time I want to. You may wonder how you speak to God in math class – well, a line is like God – it has no beginning and has no end. God is in all parts of our life.

     Catholic Schools are families made up of students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff. We work together as partners to have the best school possible.

     Last, but not least, I’ve grown in my faith through teaching; I’ve grown through the many prayer services I’ve attended; I’ve grown through religion classes, both taught and attended; and I’ve grown through relationships – especially with my students.