Therese Conway
Therese Conway

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There have been many benefits to sending our children to a Catholic School; religious ed classes, weekly masses, and daily prayer are a few. The one benefit that stood out the most to me was the fact that my children got to see their faith in action on a daily basis. So many children only encounter Jesus on Sunday which makes it easier to forget about how much He loves us and how much He sacrificed for us all.   I am grateful we were able to supply our children with a Catholic education. Life is hard and it can be very scary. I believe that as they go forward in life the examples of love and mercy they have witnessed and/or been a part of at St. Mary’s/Queen of the Apostles will remind them that nothing is too hard or scary for God and that he will ALWAYS love them.


As an employee of a Catholic school, I feel blessed to work with the teachers, staff, and wonderful volunteers that happily sacrifice their time and talents in order to enrich and guide our children on their lifelong journey towards Heaven. With many of us being at different points along our faith journey we have the unique opportunity to support each other when we struggle or stumble on our path. Working in this kind of an environment is truly a blessing from God.