St Mary's Immaculate Conception - Parish and School

Queen of the Apostles’s Catholic School
Parent Teacher Association
Fall 2017
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
   John 14:6 (NAB)             


Queen of the Apostles’s School PTA Board
School Principal  Sandy Murray  372-5765
Co-Presidents: Jamie Cram and Talia McCabe
Co-Vice Presidents: JoLynn Schmidt and Danielle Zawalich
Secretary:Tiffany hall
Treasurer: Sonnet Frank
Advisors:  Jasmine Draeger and Calista Jilek

All Parents are encouraged to attend the Queen of the Apostles’s PTA General Meeting

Please make and effort to attend the Parent Teachers Association's public meetings of the 2017-18 school year. Beyond your general support of Queen of the Apostles school and of our wonderful teachers, the reasons you should attend are plentiful:
• Learn what the PTA does on behalf of all Queen of the Apostles parents and how you can get involved.
• Learn about upcoming events that you can support by attending and/or volunteering.
• Provide your input for bettering our current fundraisers or offer ideas for new fundraisers.
• Provide input or ask questions of the PTA, the Teachers, and Principal Sulik.


Volunteer Opportunities:
Many hands make light work…..That is why the PTA is requesting that each Queen of the Apostles family volunteer a portion of their time for at least one PTA sponsored activity each school year.  As we proceed with the school year, the PTA will be routinely asking for volunteers to help with a variety of fundraising events (especially the Saint Patrick’s Day Carnival). Assistance will be needed in many areas to fit any schedule; from helping during events to setting-up and tearing-down the events. Your assistance is truly needed and directly supports your child and Queen of the Apostles school.

Queen of the Apostles’s PTA is Going Green!
Well, little by little….
•One way is by sending out our newsletters and other communications via email.  To receive future correspondence by email, send your email address to

Reminder: PTA dues are due!
In your school packet you received a letter along with an envelope to return the annual $10 PTA dues. Please remember to drop a check off at the school office if you have not yet paid your dues.  Your support is greatly needed and appreciated!


2017-18 Queen of the Apostles’s School Parent Teacher Association

Annual Dues Request

Please return this half with your payment.
PTA Dues $10.00 per family
Attention:  PTA Treasurer

Family Name: _____________________________________

Family Email: _____________________________________

The Queen of the Apostles’s PTA is “going green” and has started sending newsletters and other communications by email.  We will post our communications on the PTA display board by the school office and by classroom doors.

The assets are not distributed to any members, officers, or private individuals.

The PTA is a non-profit organization and our purpose is to:

•Establish and maintain a partnership between parents and teachers in providing for the educational needs of Queen of the Apostles’s students.
• Work with the school in supporting extra-curricular activities for school children.
• Support school projects through fund-raising events (St. Pats Carnival).

Annual dues and where they go:

Each family is asked to pay $10 each year to help cover annual costs.  Some examples of what the monies are used for on an annual basis include the following:

• 8th grade graduation gifts
• Teacher classroom supplies - $150.00 per each teacher for the purchase of classroom materials
• Playground maintenance
• Contributions to Catholic Schools Week activities
* Chamber Membership
* Senior Scholarships

In addition to annual costs, special requests are made by the school and its teachers as needs arise.  Some examples are: helping to fund equipment for the new playground and purchasing a new mimio board for the only classroom that did not have one already.

How can you help?

The best way to assist is by supporting and helping in the various fundraisers the PTA puts on.  Also, three public, “General Meetings” are held during the school year in which all QA's parents are invited.  We encourage all parents to attend to share opinions, comments, and/or concerns.  Your involvement helps make the school a better place for our children and teachers.  PTA meetings will be announced in the PTA newsletter, the weekly school newsletter, and posted in the PTA display case.