St Mary's Immaculate Conception - Parish and School

School Faculty
Photo Name Title Email Phone Website
Photo for Spencer, Jennifer Spencer, Jennifer 4K Email (608) 372-5765 x219 Website
Photo for Dutscheck, Carrie Dutscheck, Carrie 5 Year Old Kindergarten Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 210 Website
Photo for Schober, Ruth Ann Schober, Ruth Ann Adv. Math Email 608-372-6765 Website
Support Staff
Photo for Furlano, Lynn Furlano, Lynn Aide Website
Photo for Dwyer, Jackie Dwyer, Jackie Asst. Dir of Food Service Email 608-372-5765 x 204 Website
Photo for Ravenscroft, Heather Ravenscroft, Heather Asst. Dir. Food Service Website
Photo for Atteln, Jeff Atteln, Jeff Director of Maintenance Email 608-372-5765 x203 Website
Photo for Brown, Molly Brown, Molly Director of Music Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 220 Website
Support Staff
Photo for Thorson, Wanda Thorson, Wanda Director of Religious Education Email 608-372-5765 x207 Website
Photo for Baker, Rachel Baker, Rachel Food Service Director Email 608-372-5765 x204 Website
Photo for Pike, Maureen Pike, Maureen Grade 1 Email (608) 372-5765 ext 211 Website
Photo for Bauer, Patricia Bauer, Patricia Grade 2 Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 212 Website
Photo for Kenworthy, Elizabeth Kenworthy, Elizabeth Grade 3 Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 213 Website
Photo for Farmer, Suellen Farmer, Suellen Grade 4 Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 214 Website
Photo for Prusinski, Jerry Prusinski, Jerry Grade 5 / Social Studies Email 608-372-5765 ext. 215 Website
Photo for Busse, Carrie Busse, Carrie Grade 6 / Mathematics Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 216 Website
Photo for Cramer, Amber Cramer, Amber Grade 7 / English Email (608) 372-5765 ext.217 Website
Photo for Reisinger, Megan Reisinger, Megan Grade 8 / Science Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 218 Website
Photo for Conway, Therese Conway, Therese Librarian Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 221 Website
Photo for Gilles, Msgr. Richard Gilles, Msgr. Richard Pastor Email 608-372-4516 Website
Photo for Nelson, Tyler Nelson, Tyler Phy-Ed / Computers Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 208 Website
Photo for Schoos, Teresa Schoos, Teresa School Secretary Email (608) 372-5765 ext. 201 Website