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There was a young person who envied the people she saw who moved with such grace and beauty in the ballet. One day she decided to do something about it. She went to the greatest dance teacher in the city and said, " Teach me how to dance." The teacher said, "First, you must learn the steps." For weeks, the young girl drilled the basic steps over and over. The the teacher said, "Now you must learn to put the steps together into movements into a dance. Finally the girl approached the the teacher and said, "I have been practicing for months and months. I know the steps, I know the patterns, but I still feel clumsy and awkward." And the teacher said, "There is one more thing you must do that I cannot teach you. You must forget trying to look good for others and dance for yourself and the One who created you. Tap into the rhythm that is already inside you, and let it move you so that your dancing is free and a joyful expression of your inner grace." And the girl did, and her dancing was an inspiration for all who saw her.

And so it is with our faith. As children we are taught the basics by our parents, as they are the first teachers of the faith. Next, we put those teachings together in our Catholic Schools or Religious Education programs. We are taught our prayers, learn about the teachings of Jesus, and how to live a moral life. And finally, we put these teachings into action. And if we do it for God, others will look to us and see grace, beauty, and most of all, happiness.

We are all called to be teachers of our faith!

"But you will receive power when the holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses... to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

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